Founded in 2004 by beverage executives who recognized a need to help employees with children who worked in food and beverage service operations at times of health crises and natural disaster. They discussed that children were impacted the most when an unexpected medical crisis, injury or death occurred and created CORE. Since the early days, the organization has grown to help food and beverage service employees with children in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

CORE provides support in the form of a financial grant when an employee, spouse or child faces a medical crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster.  An average grant is $2,400 and may cover rent/mortgage, utilities, prescription/ medical equipment costs, funds for basic necessities, childcare, expenses related to a funeral and more.  CORE serves as a resource and benefit for operators across the country.  Additionally, CORE provides employee engagement opportunities, partnership opportunities and resources for all organizations.