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In the mood for authentic Southern Appalachian comfort food? Or, how about meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm infused with flavor from around the world?

You’ll find them all at AIR member restaurants, along with the warm hospitality and spirited vibe that have made Asheville one of the nation’s leading culinary destinations.

AIR is a community of innovative chefs, mixologists, brewers and bakers who are passionate about creating delicious food that not only feeds the body and soul but also fuels our local economy.

We are why AIR is food in Asheville.   


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"As a founding member, I am proud of what AIR has done for our community and for the membership."
Michel Baudouin | Bouchon/Creperie, Owner
Patrick O'Cain | Gan Shan Station, Owner
"...I count on AIR to keep me current with labor laws, HR issues, government regulations and benefit options. I enjoy the dynamic of having others with whom to share my experiences and knowledge..."
Rich Cundiff | Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, Owner
"...Their support of our restaurants and philanthropic efforts is vital to keeping independent restaurants the star of Asheville's food scene. Through promotion, advocacy & continuing education, AIR is an essential resource for our business."
Liz Button| Curate/Nightbell, Owner
"...AIR has added education for our staff, helped with certifications & provided a community of restaurants that we can talk with about the things that are important to us as we grow..."
Kevin Westmoreland | Chestnut/ Corner Kitchen, Owner