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Photo by: Lynne Harty Photo by: Lynne Harty Photo by: Lynne Harty
"As a founding member, I am proud of what AIR has done for our community and for the membership."
Michel Baudouin | Bouchon/RendezVous, Owner
Patrick O'Cain | Gan Shan Station, Owner
"...I count on AIR to keep me current with labor laws, HR issues, government regulations and benefit options. I enjoy the dynamic of having others with whom to share my experiences and knowledge..."
Rich Cundiff | Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, Owner
"...Their support of our restaurants and philanthropic efforts is vital to keeping independent restaurants the star of Asheville's food scene. Through promotion, advocacy & continuing education, AIR is an essential resource for our business."
Liz Button| Katie Button Restaurants, Chief Impact Officer & Owner
"...AIR has added education for our staff, helped with certifications & provided a community of restaurants that we can talk with about the things that are important to us as we grow..."
Kevin Westmoreland | Chestnut/ Corner Kitchen, Owner