We know how important mental health is to the wellbeing of our restaurant workforce and a healthy workplace. That’s why we’ve partnered with Employee Assistance Network (EAN) to bring these resources to our members at a great rate. AIR restaurant members must be enrolled by December 15 and benefits will begin January 1, 2024. 

Scroll down to see a full list of benefits included in AIR’s partnership with EAN, as well as the pricing structure (just $2.15 or less per employee per month).

EAN can help with situations like: 

  • An employee comes into work smelling like alcohol and appears hung over 
  • An employee discloses to you they are living in a domestic violence situation
  • An employee has difficulty communicating and you are getting customer service complaints
  • An employee who had parent die recently and is coming to work tearful and can’t focus

AIR Members who sign up with EAN will receive resources including:

  • Emergency on-call counselor by phone
  • Assessment and short-term, solution-focused counseling and referral services for employees and immediate family
  • Case management services for work-related referrals
  • My Life Expert educational work life portal
  • Supportiv – chat-based peer support that is easy to access, instant, anonymous & secure
  • Quarterly and annual statistical reports
  • Consultation for owners and managers on behavioral issues and policy development

Ready to learn more? Fill out this form or email ean@eannc.com.