Rosetta's Kitchen

Rosetta Buan



Photo by Lynne Harty

What is your favorite part of being a restaurant owner in Asheville?

Asheville has been an arts and culture haven for many generations and that mixed with wholesome appalachian home style influenced means we have a very receptive and cultured customer base who are making conscious choices toward wellness. Many prefer traditionally grown and prepared foods over highly processed. Innovation and fresh trends mix well with old world traditions and the many flavors from so many cultures represented in our cute little city.

What is the background of your restaurant’s name?

Well. That’s obvious, but my name, rosetta, comes from my fathers mother. I’m the fifth rosetta and my daughter petra rosetta, is the sixth. I love having a matriarchal lineage name. The “kitchen” part of our name comes from from the original idea which was that I needed to start getting my friends to pay for the dinners they were eating at my kitchen! When I was young we had a very open friendly house and always had lots of friends through. They all were hungry. I love feeding people, but after I became a mom I realized I couldn’t keep feeding everyone for free, so we opened the actual public version of my kitchen.

What ingredient could you not live without?

Olive oil! It and a little salt in a cast iron, and almost any vegetable can be prepared deliciously.

 What is your favorite dish on your menu?

Over the entire 16 years, it’s been undoubtedly the Smokey tofu wrap, I usually add the kraut, fries extra crispy, with a cup of gravy for dipping. Mmmmmm.  But lately I’ve been avoiding gluten and trying to really take better care of myself, so I’ve been getting a salad plate with a portobello cap, it’s huge, has the kraut, and avocado, vegan ranch, it’s such a beautiful meal and I always feel good after. (And I still grab a couple friesoff of one of my kids plates).

 What is your favorite dish from a fellow AIR restaurant’s menu?

Ohhh. The Uttapam from Chai Pani! It’s like a lentil flour pizza,  but even more memorable, healthy feeling, and addictive.

Why did you choose Asheville to open your restaurant?

I didn’t choose asheville, asheville choose me to help feed her many hungry humans. Meaning, rosettas kitchen is what it is because of the unique needs and culture that are specific to asheville. We are of the city, not in it. We are part of her.

What is your favorite chef’s tool and why?

Cast iron pans! The cast iron pan actually can add iron to the food cooked in it, adding nutritional value, it’s Naturally non-stick, it lasts generations, it’s traditional, humans have been cooking on it for over a thousand years, it spreads heat evenly die to its density. It’s incredibly durable and improves w age. I’m not totally sure, but I think a well seasoned pan adds it’s own subtle flavors to the food. They also look cool and can be used as weapons in emergency situations. I even have a very old real cast iron cauldron that we really still cook in when we’re feeding large groups.