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The Web Shepherds / Patrick Scully, Owner / / 888.987.8474

Founded in 2000 by Patrick Scully (a.k.a. Scully), the Web Shepherds—formerly Scullytown—design stunning, unique brands. Scully’s entrepreneurial venture started as a way to express his creative vision. Today our thriving design firm helps individuals, companies and organizations realize business goals through effective online and offline marketing tactics.

As our firm continues to mature, so does Scully who learned that shepherding his clients—caring for, tending, teaching and leading them—is the key to designing strong brands that succeed, and developing business relationships that last.

Highly regarded as one of the most talented design firms in the Asheville region, the Web Shepherds’ work reflects an architect’s thoughtful planning, an artist’s unique approach to design and a developer’s understanding of the web. We design brands and technology that lead.

Let us design something for you!