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Lynne Harty is a collaborator by nature. Having worked with some especially creative art directors, ad execs, marketing people, designers and stylists, she can tell you that there’s nothing more exciting than that “Aha!” moment that happens when people get together on a project and things begin to click – that spontaneous moment when you’re trying for one thing but something better gets in the way. Lynne loves photographing people, products and places, and brings boundless energy to her projects. Her quirky point of view comes in handy when photographing the ordinary, and her friendly southern demeanor puts people at ease right away.

Being an artist first and foremost, Lynne employs the same creativity to her commissions that she uses to make her artwork. Combine that with a strong commitment to professionalism in timeliness, dependability, quick turnaround, and thorough follow up after a shoot, and you have an ideal working relationship. Lynne can handle your needs from start to finish including lining up locations, prop and food stylists, hair and makeup stylists, food service and of course all photography needs.