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Insurance Service of Asheville / 828.350.3938 / Gene Adams

Our company was founded in 1958 by my father, James W. Stickney, III.  Much about who we are and how we conduct our business derives from his vision and influence.

He started ISA with no money, but he was smart and well connected. He found some carriers who believed in him, and from a room in the basement of the Battery Park Hotel he sold insurance and typed out policies.

One by one he attracted customers, promising them he’d be there for them when needed. He kept those promises and his customer base grew along with his reputation. His loyalty to, and appreciation for, every customer has always been an inspiration to his family and employees.

Today we are a thriving agency with skilled employees, a solid book of business and the resources to move forward. Our employees remain grounded in my father’s clear vision and strong ideals of excellence in customer service. We are thankful for your business and the continued purpose it gives us.