Inland Seafood

Inland Seafood was born on March 2, 1977, when Joel picked up his first air freight shipment from Oregon of Wild Columbia River King Salmon, Pacific Dover Sole, and Rockfish fillets. He loaded these boxes of fish onto a pickup truck at the Eastern Airlines freight terminal at the then William B. Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, and headed out to make his first delivery to the Captain’s Roost Restaurant in East Point, Georgia.

Next, Joel started to travel and source fish from the rest of United States, which developed into his life’s journey. It was the beginning of what today is Inland Seafood Corporation of North America. 

The last 40+ years have passed in a flash. Inland Seafood has grown to a group of over 500 hardworking and passionate people, who together now own one of the best seafood, specialty meat, and artisan food purveyors in the United States. 

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