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Biltmore Farms / Jason Burk / 828.209.2000 /

Our company is committed to honoring the integrity and tradition established by George Vanderbilt when he founded Biltmore Farms. He understood the impact one could have on communities, encouraging and supporting local organizations and businesses, and promoting the overall well-being of Asheville residents and visitors.

Under the leadership of Vanderbilt’s descendants, George H. V. and John F. A. V. Cecil, our company has evolved to meet today’s marketplace. Once the region’s largest independent dairy operation, Biltmore Farms is now a dynamic multi-faceted company spurring economic development and thoughtful growth in our regionWellness, educational enrichment, and a deep respect for sustainability and the beauty of our mountains—these values have been with our company from our start and remain at our core today.

With Vanderbilt’s vision to guide us, we are committed to carrying on a legacy of friendliness and hospitality, the principles of elegant craftsmanship and distinctive design, and a proud heritage of quality.