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348 Depot St, Suite 190
Asheville, NC 28801


Vivian’s food will be clean, with limited elements to a plate, but with each one promising big, robust flavors. As he focuses on combining the perfect mix of flavors across appetizers, small plates, entrees, and desserts, he will continue to explore the melding of European flavors and techniques into the realm of his Southern heritage. We’re elated to finally have a full kitchen so that we can take on more of the region’s incredible farmers. The menu will be seasonal and change frequently, with weekly specials and various special events to be expected. And best of all, a full service diner restaurant means we can finely present a full drink menu to our guests. We plan on offering a large wine list with unique and delectable old world varietals that will compliment the food. Guests will also see a lot of pre-prohibition classics on our cocktail list with additional craft cocktails that explore similar themes as the culinary concept. And of course, we’ll continue to promote all the talented breweries of Asheville with local taps available and special releases from our friends at Burial Beer Co.