Creekside Taphouse: Lead Host
Front of House (FOH)

Under the direction of the Front of House Management Team, along with owners Kim Murray and Anthony Dorage, and in accordance with the values and policies of Creekside Taphouse, this position serves a key role in our restaurant. Your performance helps create an exceptional experience for all guests and staff. This position functions as part of the front of house team and provides leadership, work direction, training, and coaching to the other members of the host staff.

Desired Attributes & Behaviors

  • The ability to work as a team

  • Holding themselves accountable to Creekside’s Standards

  • Ability to assume responsibilities

  • A keen sense of urgency, observation and an eye for detail

  • Use of tact, good manners and mature judgment in dealing with guests and staff in all situations

  • Familiarity and ability to correctly operate all machines and equipment required to perform host duties

What does success look like?

  1. Well-organized, clean and efficient dining room.

  2. Knowledge of menu and specials, always.

  3. Continuous self-development.

  4. Ensuring that everyone who comes through our doors gets the best experience possible!

Principal Responsibilities/Tasks:

The following description of work to be performed by this individual is not intended to be all-inclusive. Rather, it focuses on the major tasks that must be accomplished. There are many necessary activities to satisfy any of the following performance guidelines.

● Welcome and warmly greet guests on arrival

● Manage the efficient and timely seating of our guests to a table that best serves their wishes

● Reset tables and assist with service as needed

● Assisting service staff and management in the many aspects of service, performing varied tasks as needed

● Work with a sense of urgency/timeliness, but not of crisis

● Remain poised and self-assured, even under the most adverse conditions

● Anticipate what is required

● Confident, friendly and welcoming at all times

● Well-dressed in a casual, yet professional manner

● Remain on your feet and moving throughout the restaurant during your entire shift

● Utilize excellent communications skills in all facets of this position including maintaining a well-developed phone etiquette, and be able to juggle the door along with the phone

● Record clear, legible, detailed messages and ensure their delivery to appropriate persons when applicable

● Ready clean and organized menus for service

● Wipe down highchairs and booster seats

● Spot Clean front and back doors & windows

● Maintain a tidy and organized host stand and all its elements (menus, crayons, games etc.)

● Have all information the kitchen and servers need to know (reservations, etc.) ready to share at Pre-Meal/ Line Up

● Treat guests as if they were a guest in your own home.

Knowledge, Skills and Other Abilities:

● A service-oriented individual with high energy, positive and friendly demeanor.

● Excellent human relations and management skills.

● Excellent oral communication skills

● Written communication skills

● Reading Skills

● In-depth knowledge of Customer Relations and Customer Service

● Able to use Diplomacy

● Math Aptitude

● Organizational Skills

● Proficient Planning

● Professionalism

● Great time management

● Must be able to see and hear

● Must be able to speak clearly

● Must be able to lift at least 40 lbs.

● Must be able to stand for up to 10 hours

● Must be able to walk up and down stairs


  • Excellent communication skills required

  • Must be able to be on feet for up to 8+ hours at a time

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds


  • Wage- Starting hourly wage $15 per hour plus tips on all Take Out orders

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