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Buchi Kombucha – Office Administrator

Buchi Kombucha started as a simple idea: brew and share kombucha with our community. Today, we’ve gathered a talented tribe of workers and we are growing a community who thirst for life and believe business can be a force for good in the world. Through grassroots support and the rapidly expanding capacity of good ideas to spread, we now offer our kombucha up and down the east coast. Join us as we cultivate a culture of craftsmanship, regenerative commerce, and sustainable community. Ideas we believe that cultivate a movement and build a company our grand kids will be proud of. Learn more about us on our website:

Position Description

Buchi Kombucha is seeking an Office Administrator to handle general administration, internal and external communication for the company. The ideal candidate will be comfortable trouble shooting independently as well as problem solving as part of a team. In order to help ensure all aspects of this position are addressed as expected, measurable metrics will be provided along with regularly scheduled performance reviews.





Buchi Kombucha is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.


POSTED: 1.26.17