AIR – Executive Director

We are looking for an Executive Director to lead AIR – Asheville, a 501 (C) (6) which is a trade organization committed to supporting and promoting Asheville’s vibrant independent restaurant community. . The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the organization, overseeing all aspects of AIR’s daily operations and working in conjunction with the board of directors to ensure that AIR’s mission guides daily and long-term planning with strategies that ensure the organization’s sustainability and relevance.

Job Description:

● Reporting Structure – The Executive Director reports directly to the Executive Committee of AIR’s Board.

● Strategic Planning & Leadership – Establishes credibility throughout the organization and with key audiences as an effective developer of strategies and solutions that address organizational needs. Organizes AIR’s strategic planning process in concert with the Executive Committee. Reports progress (KPIs) regularly.

● Human Resource Management – Engages in the hiring and onboarding process of staff and contractors. This includes but is not limited to: updating job descriptions, advertising openings, receiving and reviewing resumes, identifying top qualified candidates, obtaining references, interviewing, and communicating with applicants. Works closely with legal counsel, as needed, to resolve any personnel issues.

● Financial Management – Manages the organization’s finances in conjunction with AIR bookkeeper; regularly presents accurate financial reports to the board. Oversees the organization’s annual IRS 990 filing with the accounting firm.

● Membership Development – Recruits new AIR members and develops relationships with affiliated organizations and businesses that can lead to membership.

● Fund Development – Researches and recruits sponsorships for AIR events and products (i.e., Taste of Asheville, newsletter, etc.).

● Programming – Develops and organizes ongoing professional development opportunities for AIR members that reflect membership’s operational needs. Works with community and tourism partners to make available affordable training programs for AIR owners and key employees.

● Community Relations/PR – Builds positive relationships with stakeholders including elected officials, tourism partners and community leaders. Serves as the official spokesperson for AIR. Works with legal and PR counsel, as needed, to craft messaging that represents AIR’s position on politically-sensitive issues.

● Marketing – Manages and approves all advertising consistent with direction from the Board. Manages all contractors associated with AIR’s website, social media presence and advertising. Ensures that AIR is affiliated with events, entities and issues that are consistent with its mission, vision and values.

● Public/Private Partnership Building – Identifies and cultivates relationships with organizations that support AIR’s work and, whenever possible, secures public/private partnerships that align with AIR’s goals and objectives.

● Performs other duties as requested. Education, Experience & Skills:

● Completion of a bachelor’s degree with emphasis in marketing, communication or business combined with related experience or training. Experience

● Prior work experience in a related industry. Skills

● Strong communicator. Should possess written and oral presentation skills that effectively communicate AIR’s mission, vision, and goals.

● Demonstrated success in organizational development.

● Experience working with diverse stakeholders including businesses, policy makers, media and strong personalities. Personal Qualities

● Strong personal integrity

● Ability to work independently

● Sound Judgment

● Multi-tasking skills imperative

● Can-do attitude

● Respect for AIR’s mission and members

Contact with Others: Executive Director must have strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships and partnerships with a broad variety of people and organizations.

Supervision Received: The ED works for the AIR Board of Directors and consistent with AIR bylaws is directly responsible to the Executive Committee.

Confidential Data: ED has access to confidential information regarding individual members; marketing data and financial and other organizational information.

Physical & Work Environment: Works in a traditional office environment with large amounts of time out in the community. Must be able to physically lift boxes, set up and tear down meeting environments.

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