AIRfare: Featured Chefs Archive

Duane Fernandes

Hemingway’s Cuba

April Harper

Sunny Point Cafe

Randy Talley

Green Sage Cafe

John Fleer


Carolyn Roy

Biscuit Head

Scott Ostrander

Red Stag Grill

Mike McCarty

The Lobster Trap

Sherry Coggiola

The Cantina

Brandon Murry

Rise Above Deli

Jamie Wade

Chef / Owner

Reza Satayesh

Owner / Chef

Sam Greco

Executive Chef

Melissa Ward

Rustic Grape

Angela & Bryan King and Chef Shane Heaver

12 Bones

Steven Goff


James Sutherland

Blue Dream Curry Owner

Kevin Barnes


Randy Dunn

Roux Executive Chef

Adam Bannasch

Copper Crown

Eric Scheffer

Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian

Patrick O’Cain

Gan Shan Station & Gan Shan West

Chef Michael Achberger & GM Vince Charbonneau

Twisted Laurel

Melissa Lausch and Carole Bowers

Carmels Kitchen & Bar and Burgerworx

Katie Button

Cúrate & Nightbell

Chef Graham House and Owner Charlie Hodge

Sovereign Remedies

Owner Sean Piper and Chef Matthew Miner


Cortland Mercer

Well Played

The Woody Family

Kitchen 743 at Isis Music Hall

George Hempenstall

The Southern

Peter Pollay


Christine Lane

828 Family Pizzeria

Jamie & Amy Ager

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Jacob & Alicia Sessoms


Rich Cundiff

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

Kevin Westmoreland & Joe Scully

Corner Kitchen & Chestnut

Chef Jason Krueger
& Marketing Manager
Rachel Victorianna

Woodfire Bar & Grill

Anthony Cerrato

Strada Italiano


Nathan Wardell

The Bier Garden

Chef Jason Sellers


Teri & Greg Siegel

Avenue M

John Atwater

Mamacitas & Taco Temple

Paige & Danny Scully

Mountain Madre Mexican Kitchen & Agave Bar

William Dissen

The Market Place


Web Site and Brochure Photography

Brian Dennehy

City Bakery

Emily & Adam Thome

67 Biltmore

Jeff Miller

Luella’s Bar-B-Que

Michel Baudouin